Mediocre minds don't fuel the Creatives. We are the Creatives.


Competition is neither the threat or focus. We exceed expectations.


Stellar consumer interactions is our forte


Our operations are sound, we take a variety of factors including how we would personally respond to the innovations we create. What is a business without purpose? It isn’t long lasting. It isn’t passionate. And we will always strive to be steadfast and have our motto, “Productivity through Individuality”, felt by everyone we come across.We do the work, with purpose.


We want to keep an international presence for a reason. Can you believe that reason isn’t financial? We hope you do, because it isn’t. The reason is to bring interesting,new concepts to parts of the world which without our efforts, may not receive them.


Yes, we would enjoy the opportunity to have your business, but we’re after your experience. Positive experiences in consumer-business interactions are more valuable than a sale. That’s right, we’ve conducted the research, and we believe the conclusions- the conclusions are what steadily increase our growth!


We are aware you have a number of choices as to who you do business with. That’s why we were created to be different. We study, and on occasion (lol) admire our competitors, searching for ways we can improve the “norm”. With protocols in place such as triple verification when processing payments to have a 99% chance of your information being protected, you can rest assured we care about your money nearly as much as you do. With extended business hours, we understand your life isn’t built around a 9-5 schedule. With 5 points of customer support including phone, timely email, a help desk, live chat, and a 24 hour message center, we get the fact robots and delayed attention isn’t good enough. Creative concepts, empathetic mindsets, and high quality ethics are just a few of the elements which make us different.


You’re busy with the hectic flow of life-we get that, so are we. That’s why we work around the clock to help the flow of your life go a little easier, add a little color, and make it a bit more entertaining while adding tools you find useful.

Many people have asked, “What exactly does The VIM do?” “What does VIM even mean?””Is your presence solely for social media?” A few answers: We operate in a variety of facets. VIM is an acronym for “Very Important Moguls”. Our presence is far beyond the scope of social media, but our social media presence is large.

Many companies prefer to specialize in one field, which is great-but that simply wasn’t enough for us. The main reason why we are building to remain a commanding presence is because we dedicate 30 percent of our profits to help others. That’s right, 30 percent. We examined problems within select, renowned non profits and chose to keep our aid in house. We know many people are shy or simply don’t desire to give consciously, so we invested nearly every major arena consumers spend money in, to turn a portion of that money around, and help others. We are genuinely a humanitarian built business.

We care to create change for business and professional experiences, in addition to the standard occurrences of everyday life.

Have Fun, let us do the work! (Yay, well, not really lol but we DO enjoy it.)



Our home office is in Miami, FL however we cultivate and maintain business relationships all over the globe. We are a unique company, a conglomerate primarily driven on the principles of humanitarianism. We are comprised of 8 divisions including entertainment, music, media, the arts, global trade, a consumer marketplace, non profit, and a free affiliate community. We aim to provide a variety of products and services with phenomenal customer service, and memorable experiences we hope will lay the foundation for lasting relationships here and abroad. Learn more about us-our site is inviting!



  • CEO

    The NINJA: Prepared to defend and enforce all aspects of the company. Every business begins with one person’s vision. It manifests with the support of quality teams and knowledge-filled experiences. Being a chief executive officer goes much deeper than a title in our company.  It defines the backbone of our integral attributes. Our CEO is not a dictator, they are a leader who managed to mesh philanthropy, the desire to help others, and a solid business mindset to bring us where we are today, and where we will remain. Kick @&% flow is all our CEO knows. Meet Her.


    Trained for perfection=Our team is! These are the impeccable individual infrastructures who enable our conglomerate to have a smooth operation. No seriously, our board members integrate the mutually beneficial system between our consumers and us so everything runs smoothly. A team of quality leaders is mandatory with us. No man vs machine here, man IS the machine!

  • YOU

    You’re the focus, the most important. Networking and listening to our consumers tells us the majority of knowledge we use to keep relationships thriving. We always desire to hear what it is you need from us, so go ahead, contact us.


The world's first commercial scale Independent music billboard is here!
We appreciate the commercial big guys such as BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC-which we are licensed by them to play your music per your registration. However, we wanted to take it a groundbreaking step further and create our own royalty and artist development affiliation where country location didn’t matter, and catering to the independent music community was at the top of the list. So many features, we have to tell you more. Visit The INDIE Billboards to keep indulging!
A completely FREE Affiliate network ? Oh yes, we did!
We won’t mention any names, but select groups seem to think it’s reasonable to charge you for making money. We discovered this, and found it to be down right foolish! So, a completely free affiliate network with a 20% commission, no annoying enrollment restrictions, and the ability to earn additional income while you’re browsing the web? Yes, we did! The SEED Community is the premier affiliate network.
Cast for one of our Docu-Series hosted on our Indie online TV network.
Information to cast for one of our reality Docu-series is coming soon!


Human Resources
Asana is our chosen one! Several upgrades have been made to our employee portal. We understand organization, especially with all we're juggling is vital. SO, We've invested in having Asana lead our internal task structure. An easy to understand setup awaits you with the ability to store notes, download training materials, and communicate with management at a fast-paced, high tech speed. Do YOU have your Asana company access yet? If not, contact HR for assistance.
Human Resources
The Indie Billboards
The world's music is the goal of our journey as we take on the 2014-2016 Indie Billboards TakeOva Tour starting in June. We've selected nearly 100 locations all over the world in search of not only sharing the talent of independent musicians, but also learning and experience the variations and similarities in music from other places. This tour lasts 2 years, and will be documented via our own independent TV network, VIM Film & Media. We've worked hard to work make the locations affordable for independent artists as a lot of money isn't easily accessible for our hungry, talented artists. This year will begin with the genre of Hip-Hop. The first step in the process is being a member of the Indie Billboards. To begin the process, or check the status of relative variables, contact TheIndieBillboards.com.
The Indie Billboards